The Swim Smooth Way! Stuck on a plateau with your swimming? Too many things going around your head when you swim? We will show you very clearly how to improve your stroke using all of Swim Smooth’s cutting edge methods. It’s a revelation for your swimming in just 75 minutes!

How it works: 

We film you using a high quality HD camera from various angles above and below the water. The camera angles are not fixed so if we need a close-up of a particular part of your stroke we will easily get it.

We then get you out of the water to review your footage on the computer. This whole analysis is recorded for you – you'll go home with the recorded analysis, with comparison with elite swimmers and Swim Smooth's signature animation, plus your raw footage.


During the analysis we will dig into Swim Smooth’s unique tools, animations and elite video archive to highlight how your own stroke compares in key areas for improvement. These visualisations of good stroke technique are so important, especially if you are a visual learner.


After the analysis you'll jump back into the water for the second half of the session: the stroke correction. With your recorded analysis in mind this session is completely tailored to your individual needs as a swimmer. Swim Smooth are famous for their individual approach to stroke correction and this is another reason why our methods are so powerful.


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