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Learn Freestyle in 12 Weeks

This program is designed for those who can't yet swim a stroke of freestyle or perhaps can swim 25m but then have to stop for a rest. The program progressively builds the stroke step by step to give you the chance to develop every individual element such as breathing, rotation and arm recovery. The process gradually brings the stroke together and develops your coordination whilst you are wearing fins (flippers) before removing them at the end.

The program is broken down into a 12 step process. We'll start every session start with step 1
(a poolside warmup) and follow each step in turn. In the first session you might get to step 4 and finish there, which is great. The next session you will get through the early steps more quickly and perhaps get to step 6. Next session you might get to step 7, then 9, 10 etc in further sessions.

Through the program we use a few key pieces of equipment to assist your development. As well as a cap and goggles, we also recommend some long flexible rubber fins/flippers - which we'll use from step 7 onward. When registering, you will be prompted to purchase this as an add-on, they can really make a HUGE difference to learning a nice freestyle stroke!