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Beginner Swim Squad

This program is for swimmers who can swim a continuous 100m Freestyle and are looking to achieve their next swim goal, whether that's developing fitness, confidence or open water skills, or maybe just getting out to the pool for a social workout.

We work on developing freestyle and preparing swimmers for their own personal goals, whether that's for preparing for a race, a new adventure or social fitness. The objective is to get swimming, get active and get results. 

The squad involves workouts designed to improve technique, build endurance in the water, critical swim speed (CSS) and aims to give swimmers the necessary skills to swim up to 400  metres continuously. 

This is a continuous program, with an online Pay As You Go (PAYG) system, which prompts you when your payment is low. The system is flexible, so you can pre-choose your training sessions, but then 'un-register' if you know you can't make it. Make sure to 'un-register' 12 hours prior to the session to avoid a charge.