SEAL Swimming is a year round, non-Swim Ontario-sanctioned, private swim program in Scarborough and downtown Toronto. We offer swimming development for all ages and abilities, from parents and babies to competitive swimmers and from seasoned triathletes to adults learning to swim for the first time. 

We provide an individualized swim experience to all our members, enabling all swimmers to realize their personal potential in a fun and safe environment. 

SEAL Swimming offers a dynamic learn to swim program. Our teaching methods prepare swimmers to learn and condition themselves more efficiently, safely and in less time than traditional swimming lessons. SEAL Swimming is dedicated to teaching swimming in a fun, challenging and rewarding atmosphere.

Swimmers learn the four swimming strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, as well as competitive swimming starts and turns.


In order to complete the SEAL Swim Stages, swimmers must master a fluent and legal Individual Medley. The program is fun and motivational and allows parents and swimmers to track progress in real time and throughout their lessons with our own software Report.Cards.


Once swimmers have graduated SEAL Swim Stages, our various Training Squads emphasize performance technique and development. Swimmers are provided with coaching that becomes the foundation for success in pool and open water events, with the aim to enhance desire, motivation, opportunity and results within the sport of swimming and triathlon.


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